Efficacy of Yava Kshara Application in the Management of Cervical Erosion: A Case Study

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Journal of Ayurveda Medical Sciences,2018,3,4,443-445.
Published:December 2018
Type:Case Report
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Vaishali Dave *, Krup Vasavda1

Department of Prasuti Tantra and Stree Roga, 1Department of Agadtantra Evum Vidhi Vaidyaka, JS Ayurveda College, Nadiad, Gujarat 387001 , INDIA.


Background Cervical erosion is one of the causative factors for vaginal discharge. Cervical erosion, a benign lesion is sometimes much troublesome due to its chronic nature and recurrence. Cauterization and cryosurgery are most common treatment for cervical erosion in modern science. As per Ayurveda classics Garbhashayagrivagatavrana can be correlated with cervical erosion. Ksharakarma is described in the treatment of Vrana. Methods Case of cervical erosion was diagnosed and selected for this case study. Yavakshara application was done for two consecutive cycles for 7 days in OPD of Prasuti Tantra and Stree Roga department. Results At the end of treatment ksharakarma along with internal medication resulted significant improvement in amount of discharge, color of erosion and size of erosion. Conclusion Topical application of Ksharakarma is effective in the management of Cervical erosion (Garbhashayagrivagatavrana). It has shown encouraging results in treating cervical erosion. No untoward reactions were observed in this case study.